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Latest Company Case About What is the structure of a cream pump?
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What is the structure of a cream pump?

 Latest company case about What is the structure of a cream pump?

The structure of a cream pump typically consists of the following components:


  1. Pump Head: The pump head is the topmost part of the pump and is usually made of plastic or metal. It contains the dispensing mechanism and controls the flow of the cream. The pump head may have a nozzle or a dispenser opening.

  2. Actuator: The actuator is the part that is pressed or rotated to initiate the dispensing action. It can be in the form of a button, a lever, or a twist mechanism, depending on the design of the cream pump.

  3. Dip Tube: The dip tube is a long, thin tube that extends from the pump head into the cream container. It reaches the bottom of the container and allows the pump to draw the cream from the bottom when the pump is activated.

  4. Pump Mechanism: Inside the pump head, there is a pump mechanism that consists of a piston, a spring, and valves. When the actuator is pressed or rotated, it compresses the spring, which creates pressure and forces the cream to move through the valves and up the dip tube.

  5. Closure: The closure is the base part of the cream pump that attaches to the container. It provides a seal to prevent leakage and ensures the pump is securely attached to the container.


These are the basic components of a cream pump, but the specific design and structure may vary depending on the brand and product. Different cream pumps may have additional features or variations in their mechanisms to suit specific requirements or provide enhanced functionality.