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Company News About China Mid-Autumn Festival
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China Mid-Autumn Festival

Latest company news about China Mid-Autumn Festival

    Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Full Moon Festival and the Reunion Festival, is one of the important traditional Chinese festivals. It has a long history, rich historical and cultural connotations, and diverse folk customs.

  There are four kinds of folk customs of Mid-Autumn Festival:
1. Watching the Moon: One of the most important activities of the Mid-Autumn Festival is watching the moon. People usually enjoy the moon with their relatives and friends on the night of a full moon.
2. Eating mooncakes: The symbolic food of Mid-Autumn Festival is mooncakes.
3. Family reunion: Mid-Autumn Festival is an important family reunion day, and many people will choose to go home to spend the festival with their families.
4. Guessing riddles: Guessing riddles is one of the folk activities of the Mid-Autumn Festival.



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