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Company News About Happy Loong Year!
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Happy Loong Year!

Latest company news about Happy Loong Year!

The Spring Festival is a traditional festival of China, and everyone is both looking forward to and valuing it! Therefore, many places have been in the preparatory stage since early December. When it comes to the Spring Festival, there are many customs, such as cleaning, worshipping the Kitchen God, pasting Spring Festival couplets, making dumplings, and worshipping ancestors.

On New Year's Eve, every household was brightly lit. A family sits together, eating sumptuous dishes, chatting with family and elders, and joyfully welcoming the arrival of the New Year!
Setting off firecrackers on New Year's Eve is a tradition that has been going on for a long time. The crackling sound of firecrackers is like a cheer, more like an encouragement for oneself in the new year.

Our company will also have a holiday from today to February 17. We wish all friends at home and abroad a happy New Year of the the Year of the Loong!

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